Lifes Abundance offers easy and convenient home delivery with the option to save money and time by taking advantage of their auto shipping feature.  This lets you pick the amount and frequency that fits your pets needs. Life's Abundance also offers a line of wholesome and nutritious dog treats that supports the overall health of your pets.  

​Our dogs deserve the best we can give them. For this reason we feed Lifes Abudance. It is a holistic, human-grade dog food. It can not be found in stores and can only be ordered through a participating breeder. Lifes Abundance offers:

No By-Products
No Corn, Wheat, or Soy
No Artificial Colors/Flavors
No Chemical Preservatives
No Hormones/Steroids

I have found that dogs eat less of this food because it does not have the added fillers. For this reason it costs less in the long run to feed. To learn more about Lifes Abundance please visit:
Nutrition & Feeding